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* The Packing details for the 40ft Container: (15 Kg Telescopic Carton box), OR As per Client request.

Total No. of wooden Pallets/Container 21 Pallet: (20 Chip Pallet+ 1 Euro Pallet)
Carton box dimensions, (cm) 30*40*27 CM
No. of Carton boxes Per base in Pallet 10
No. of Carton boxes per column in Pallet 8
No. of boxes per Pallet 80
Total Carton boxes per Container 1,664 Cartons as (20 Chip Pallet+ 1 Euro Pallet)
Carton box net weight (Kg) 15
Carton box Gross weight (Kg) 16
Total Net weight/Container (Kg) 24,960
Total Gross weight/Container (Kg) 26,624
The Sizes of the fresh Lemon 80/88/100/113/125/138/150/160


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