Fresh Sweet potato

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Varieties: Baladi with Red flesh – Beauregard with Oranges flesh, (American variety).



*The Packing details for the 40ft Container: (6 Kg Open Top Carton), OR as per Client request.

Total No. of wooden Pallets/Container 21 Pallets,(20 Chip Pallets+ 1 Euro Pallet)
Carton box dimensions, (cm) 29*39*14 CM
No. of Carton boxes Per base in Pallet 10
No. of Carton boxes per column in Pallet 16
No. of Carton boxes per Pallet 160
Total Carton boxes per Container 3,320 Cartons stacked on 21 wooden Pallets
Carton box net weight (Kg) 6
Carton box Gross weight (Kg) 6.5
Total Net weight/Container (Kg) 19,920
Total Gross weight/Container (Kg) 21,580


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