Custard Apple

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Varieties: Baladi – Abdel-Razak

 (Air shipments only) 

*The packing details of the shipments by Air. 

* Packing of the AKE equipment: (Fresh Custard Apple shipped as Parcels not Palletized): 

(loose Cartons stacking as parcels)  Number of pallets 
220  No. of Cartons 
Carton net weight (Kg) 
4.5  Carton Gross weight (Kg) 
880  Total AKE Air Freight net weight (Kg) 


* Packing of the PLA, (Half Pallet), equipment- Air shipments: 

3 Wooden Pallets  Number of pallets 
30*40*10.5  Carton dimension 
10  No. of Cartons per base in pallet 
11  No. of Cartons per column 
110  No. of Cartons per pallet 
330  Total Cartons per PLA Air Freight 
Carton net weight (Kg) 
4.5  Carton Gross weight (Kg) 
1,320  Total PLA Air Freight net weight (Kg) 



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